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The public broadcast system is provides thebroadcast and the fire linkage warning intelligent specialized equipment background music, the specially for the public place.Widespread applies in the guesthouse,the restaurant, the large-scale conference site, the commercial building,the factory, the garden plot, the school, the military compound, the supermarket, fast-food places and so on shop, cafe, station, wharf, traveling scenic spot, theater, stadium, parking lot, square, administration building.

Since 1998, Guangzhou Wan Shengda has produced the T-KOKO public broadcast system by the specialized research and development; Produces public broad with OEM to broadcast the system primarily, participates in the market sale not directly. For six years, the T-KOKO public broadcast system because of its first-class product quality, consummates the system disposition, thorough post-sale service, achievement its first-class public broadcast brand status. To further enhance TKOKO to broadcast the system market competitiveness, from 2003, Guangzhou Wan Shengda started by the specialized research and development production configuration factory to produce and market by oneself the factory to transfer , sold the T-KOKOPA public broadcast system product directly in mainland China unification. Wan Shengda another technical product KOKO 98 are the row public broadcast system continuously best-selling in the Chinese Taiwan area and the European and American market. For many years, ten thousand Daren has devoted to intelligent public the broadcast system|s development and the development.Now, 99 promotion version sapphire series intelligence public broadcast system has glistened is taken to the threshing ground. the wind entered mainland China market officially taking advantage of world trade east. To further improve the product quality, this factory has obtained Chinese country compulsory 3C successively the authentication and the quality control system authentication. Wan Shengda China of production base all staff the science and technology as always, will receive headquarters fine the god: “is practical, the development innovation”. The science and technology product pushes to unceasingly Wan Shengda the whole world, the service universe.

The T-KOKOPA intelligence public broadcast system will be the choice which you have unique insight.


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